Blevins Hall Reception Center

Our beautiful reception center, Blevins Hall, is available for rental for any of your life events. In addition to receptions following funeral services, this facility is available and beautifully suitable for bridal or baby showers, birthday parties or other life events your family may be celebrating. Perhaps your needs are business related instead; we can assist with options for this as well.

Create Memories

Life events are opportunities to celebrate. We can provide a perfect location for these memory creating opportunities. Sound system, video system with plug and play options for electronic devices are available to enhance your experience.

Adjoining Outdoor Patio Area

Your gathering can expand to our outdoor seating area as well. This is a beautiful setting which includes comfortable seating, ceiling fans and gas fireplace for your comfort during your event.

Kitchen Facilities Available

Our fully equipped kitchen and ice maker are available for a nominal additional fee.

"Why would a funeral home offer catering?" Because we know how a meal with loved one offers comfort and healing to grieving families, and the convenience for you and your guests means more time together. We can even make it a part of your prearrangement.