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Hospice Caregiver Award Nominations

Do you know a caregiver who makes a difference?

At Williams Funeral Home, our family and teams have a profound amount of respect and appreciation for hospice caregivers. This includes physicians, nurses, chaplains, social workers, CNAs, administrative professionals, volunteers, and anyone else who offers hospice care in our community.

We understand the emotional challenges and many of the other strains that come with your positions. Knowing how hard you all work and in times what difficult conditions, we have adopted a program entitled The Hospice Caregiver Award Program. We want to recognize these dedicated people who don’t just do their jobs, rather they go above and beyond, whether in putting extra time or the way that the manage patients and their families with a high level of compassion and kindness.

With this in mind, each month, we will honor a caregiver who has been nominated by peers, friends, patients, and families, and others who feel this particular person excels in her or his profession. One caregiver each month will receive an award and gift card. At the conclusion of each years there will also be a banquet honoring the 12 finalists. A review committee will select a Caregiver of the Year who will be awarded a special gift.

Please use the form below to nominate a caregiver you think deserves to be recognized for their contribution. Help us not let the heroes of our community go unsung and let them know the difference they make in the lives around them.

August’s Caregiver of the Month

August’s Caregiver of the Month

Brenda Eslick

“Brenda is always willing to go above and beyond to help her patients and families. I know many of times she's gotten out of bed in the middle of the night and gone to the home of a patient that's passed away to comfort the grieving family. She's polite and punctual. She knows her job and does it well. I've never heard her complain about her job but have heard her express how much she enjoys it. Thank you Brenda for everything you do.”

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Past Caregivers of the Month

July’s Caregiver of the Month

July’s Caregiver of the Month

Kayla Gray

"She is the most selfless individual I know. She lovers her patients like family and cares for them like they’re her family. She’s a hard working, loving, wonderful mother of 5 and stands by her husband’s side through the ups & downs of being a police officer. Kayla wears many hats and is as humble as she can be. I would love to see her recognized for all her sacrifices and hard work!"

June’s Caregiver of the Month

June’s Caregiver of the Month

Caitlinn Lovett

“Caitlinn is a local hospice nurse. The attention and care she provides to her patients and their families is remarkable. She has quickly become a leader and voice for her team members as well. She gets worn down with such tough responsibility but she knows that without her help those patients and families will suffer and she chooses to help carry the load of their burdens. Caitlinn is also a full time mother to 2 active boys that are the focus of her life. She has an overflowing plate at all times but she manages even when she doesnt know how. She remains organized and focuses on the love for family and patients and makes more difference than she gives herself credit for.”

May's Caregiver of the Month

May's Caregiver of the Month

Britnee Thompson

“This workers goes out and beyond her way to make sure she is giving the best care to all of her patients. With all the COVID regulation going on where family members aren’t allowed to come in, she makes sure her patient gets the top care and makes sure to let the family call and talk to her patient while she is there. She also went out of her way to buy decorations and flowers and the patients’ favorite snacks for their birthdays since they aren’t able to celebrate with family. She’s a hard worker and doesn’t leave the job until it is done completely and until the patient is satisfied. She anticipates every need the patient has. She’s a great worker!”

“Britnee is an excellent Hospice CAN at Caris Healthcare and any where else she has worked. She has always anticipated her patient needs. She has always put the care of others before herself. She buys patients small gifts with her own money to show that she cares, but she would never try to get recognized for her actions! I believe Britnee would be the best pick for this award."

“Britnee genuinely cares for her patients. She is always going above and beyond to not only make sure they are taken care of properly but to make sure they feel special.”