Permanent Memorialization

This means creating a dedicated place for family and friends to connect and remember your loved one.

A Consistent Place of Healing

In our modern society, people aren't given enough time to grieve their losses. The pressures of work, even the simple emotional need to ‘be busy,’ often bring the bereaved back into the ‘real’ world far too soon.

Also, many families are choosing to scatter the cremated remains of their loved one in a favorite place; the ocean, or even in the skies above. While that may seem fitting at the time, it means that you do not have a consistent place to connect with the memories of the person you loved so dearly.

Having such permanent place - in a cemetery, mausoleum, or cremation garden - that can be visited regularly by family and friends is an essential part of the time following a death. It becomes a focal point of memorialization, and gives everyone a special place to go to remember your loved one, or to commemorate important occasions. It can help to make a birthday or anniversary less painful.

A permanent place to reflect on your loved one becomes a way of connecting to a family's past. Visiting the resting place of grandparents or great-grandparents may provide children with an anchor to their personal history. It is a connection to the past, to love shared. It truly honors the relationship you still have – and will always have – with that person.

We have many different types of permanent memorialization all of them can go into various cemeteries here in the Columbia and Mt. Pleasant area.

Flush Bronze Memorials

Flush bronze memorials offer an unparalleled versatility. They can be cast in practically any size, shape or design. The names and dates can be cast in a variety of different typefaces including Asian, Arabic and Hebrew. Bronze memorials can be personalized with different border styles as well as epitaphs, emblems and sculpted or ceramic portraits. And, every Matthews memorial is finished with the company’s Diamond Shield® Protective Coating to preserve the natural beauty of the bronze.

Upright Monuments

Upright Monuments are usually constructed out of granite.They can be designed to any type of specification regardless of how simple or how elaborate. Monuments can be in any shape, flush to the ground, or a 10 foot obelisk (similar shape to the Washington monument). They can be designed for family estates or or for one person. Polk Memorial allows upright in the Arbors.


Mausoleum entombment is an honored and respected form of memorialization. At one time, entombment was reserved only for royalty and dignitaries. The Egyptian Pyramids, Westminster Abbey and the Taj Mahal are all testaments of reverence and devotion.

Today, personal burial preferences have been shifting toward above-ground interment. And, the growth of community mausoleums has led to increased interest in all forms of above-ground interment including private family mausoleums. For many years it was a myth that ground burial was actually more expensive then burial above ground. At Polk Memorial Gardens we have four above ground mausoleums.

Private Family Mausoleums

Private family mausoleums are no longer reserved only for wealthy families. Families choose private mausoleum entombment for a variety of personal reasons. For some people, it's a statement of their personality. Others want exclusive, highly personalized memorialization -- and they feel that private mausoleum entombment is the highest form of memorialization.

Long perceived as the most exclusive form of memorialization, private family mausoleums are no longer reserved for only wealthy families. Matthews American Heritage private mausoleums are as practical as they are beautiful. A wide range of mausoleum designs is available, from standard two, four and six-crypt designs to more elaborate, custom and walk-in styles, which can memorialize up to four generations of one family.

Cremation Memorialization

More people are choosing cremation. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be honored with memorials. A memorial serves a key function, providing a sanctuary for family members to honor a loved one through a memorial reflecting that person's life. Cremation memorials feature beautiful and innovative designs and a breadth of variety ranging from cored boulders, cored benches developed with stunning statuary, pillars and bronze-on-granite flush memorials. There are other options offered as well, one in particular is the ossuary at Polk Memorial Gardens in which any family that Williams has served can be placed in the ossuary at no charge. Ask a member of the Williams Funeral Home or Polk Memorial Gardens staff for more information.


Thumbies are well known as fingerprint keepsakes, however it can be more than a fingerprint. These necklaces, bracelets, key-chains and more are ordered by the funeral home if a family desires one. The catalog below provides a great deal of information on the different types of designs and products that are available.

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